SGCI is pleased to announced the following presenters and panels for our 2018 conference in Las Vegas, Altered Landscapes. More information will be posted on our official conference website, coming later this summer.


Everything That Rises Must Converge (working title)
Chaired by Breanne Trammell and Michael Krueger


Hybrid Cultures, Intersecting Landscapes
chaired by Masha Ryskin


Landscape and Embedded Native and Indigenous Identity
Chaired by Mary Hood


Print in Detroit: A Parallel to the City
Chaired by Tyanna Buie


The Printer’s Path
Chaired by Valpuri Remling


Printmaking as Protest: Harnessing Power of the Multiple
Chaired by Jessica Caponigro


Printmaking in Pacific
Chaired by Irena Keckes


Shifting perspectives: Printmaking and Fulbright
Chaired by Kate Copeland


Site Responsive Print
Chaired by Jennifer Schmidt & Sage Dawson


Staying True
Chaired by Edie Overturf


The Unrealized: “A Vision in a Dream”
Chaired by Morgan Wedderspoon


Typography as Topography
Cynthia Nourse Thompson


(Un)Real; From Fantastic Animals to Alternative Facts; Locating Truth in Print Media
Chaired by Erika Adams


Women Leaders in Print: Building the Community
Chaired by Rachel Heberling


WORD / LIFE: each one, teach one
Chaired by Ayanah Moor