Cast Dimensional Prints
Michelle Rozic


Creating Woodburytypes from 3D Printed Plates
Nicholas Dowgwillo


Electro-etching: Altering CopperPlates with Electricity and Water.
Karen Cornelius


The Engravers Smackdown – Wood vs. Metal
James Ehlers


Off Our Rockers: Mezzotint Demonstration
Kirsten Flaherty and Aaron Coleman


Performing Print in Space and Time
Maria Erikson


Pop-Up Structures
Raluca Iancu


Prepare and Engrave Digital Files
Myles Dunigan


Sinfully Good Chine Collé
Brandon Gunn


Straight Kitchin’ Printing
Leah Kiczula


Stretchy Etchings, Pressless Alternative Dimensions
Margeret Craig