The First Tier of Calls for 2018 is now closed. Thank  you for your interest, and please check back with SGCI in early 2018 for our 2019 Call for Participation.


The Second Tier for Open Themed Exchange Portfolio Calls is now open, and can be viewed here.


SGCI Las Vegas 2018: Altered Landscapes

In 1821 the city of Las Vegas was named after the spring-fed meadows that appeared in the middle of the desert. Like an oasis, the city glitters in the shadows of the Spring Mountains. The city’s landscape has shifted from canyon petroglyphs to the Old Spanish Trail to a home for hydroelectric workers eager to lose themselves in the pleasures of an illicit speakeasy or underground casino while building the Hoover Dam. Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamorous facades, yet the underpinnings of the city rest on rusted bones in the middle of the desert. Printmaking can be viewed in a similar light – the intimate result of labor and process; malleable visual expression that can both mimic and innovate.


SGCI 2018 Altered Landscapes brings together printmakers from around the world to explore the tension between reality and representation; alteration and reincarnation; ventures and adventures; construction and decay. Altered Landscapes will capture the spirit of Las Vegas’s perpetual reinvention. Through dialogue and demonstrations, Altered Landscapes will explore transformations in artist attitudes towards the natural environment and printmaking’s evolving roles in creative and social practice.

April 4-7, 2018
Bally’s, Las Vegas Strip


Please fill out the forms below to be considered for participation in the 2018 conference, Altered Landscapes. Deadline February 12, 2017.







• Please note that the maximum character counts on each form are INCLUDING spaces. If having problems, please double-check your count in Microsoft Word.
• If applying for multiple calls, each form must be submitted separately. If accepted or approached for participation in more than one program, please note that any individual can only receive one half-waiver and participate in one instance of a particular call. For example, one person cannot be a panelist on two different panels or participate in more than one Themed Portfolio for the 2018 conference, but that same person can serve on ONE panel, participate in ONE Themed Portfolio, do ONE demonstration, etc.



The components for evaluation, described below, are weighted similarly to the way state agencies, AWP, and the National Endowment for the Arts weight their components by varying amounts.


1. Artistic or Academic Merit (45%)

  • Subcommittee members evaluate the artistic value, pedagogical value, intellectual value, or entrepreneurial value of the proposal. High-scoring panels should be artistically meritorious, intellectually significant, with a roster of talented artists or accomplished experts on the topic.

2. Importance to Members (25%)

  • How important is it to our attendees that our conference offers this topic? Subcommittee members evaluate how useful the presentation would be to one or more of SGCI’s constituencies: students, emerging professionals, academics, program directors, publishers, print shops, individual practitioners, etc. The subcommittee will  assess the relative novelty of the proposal (for example, has something been similar been offered in recent conference year programming?), basing decisions on if the proposed panel will be new and important to a significant number of our attendees.

3. Diversity (20%)

  • Subcommittee members evaluate whether or not the proposal will offer artistic, intellectual, regional, political, ethnic, and cultural diversity to the conference, and whether or not it addresses the needs of all communities working in printmaking.

4. Proposal Integrity (10%)

  • Is the necessary information (event description, statement of merit, biographical notes) complete and useful? Are the moderator and/or presenters reliable professionals? Subcommittee members evaluate both the proposal’s intentions and the ability of the presenters to fulfill those intentions.



Maximum participants: 4 panelists plus chair
Duration: 90 minutes
Panel Chairs and participants must be members of SGCI at the time of the conference to participate.
Panels run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: please be sure that all panelists are available for all dates.
If the panel proposal is accepted, we will request additional information including a bio and images, which may be used on the conference website and in other materials.
*Please note that a total of 4 half-waivers are offered per panel.



Proposals are sought for  papers that broadly address the conference theme ofAltered Landscapes, including projects that investigate the tensions between reality & representation; alteration & reincarnation; ventures & adventures; construction & decay.

*One half-waiver will be issued per paper selected (even if multiple artists take part in the paper).



SGC International is calling for printmaking demonstration proposals for the 2018 Las Vegas Conference, Altered Landscapes. Technical demos will cover both traditional, nontraditional & innovative methods. We are particularly looking for print objects, construction, alterations, press-less processes. If selected, a video recording of the successful demonstration and PDF of instructions will be required to be submitted to the Las Vegas Steering Committee in early 2018.  More info will be provided upon selection. Demonstrators and all participants must be members of SGCI at the time of the conference to participate.

Duration: 90 minutes (may be repeated for an additional 90 minute session)
Registration: One half-waiver will be issued per demonstration selected (even if multiple artists take part in the demo).



SGC International is calling for inkubator proposals for the 2018 Las Vegas Conference, Altered Landscapes. Inkubator sessions are held during SGC International conferences and are designed to foster conversations among a group of about 25 people regarding topics of shared concern by SGCI members. Topics could include an issue related to SGCI governance or programming, or professional, technical, pedagogical, curatorial, historic or artistic concerns.

If approved by the conference organizers, the facilitator will create an MS Word document which includes the following

  1. a)session title
  2. b)time and location
  3. c)session abstract
  4. d)any additional information or links compiled in advance of the session
  5. e)a roster of participants including institutional affiliation and email
  6. f)a record of discussion with any proposed outcome

The facilitator is responsible for responding to email requests from people interested in participating, and may limit attendance. The facilitator is responsible for arranging for one of the participants to record notes of the discussion on a laptop during the session. Following the session, the facilitator is responsible for sending an edited version of the session record to the SGCI admin for posting.

Duration: 90 minutes
Registration: One half-waiver will be issued per Inkubator facilitator selected (even if multiple artists take part in leading the Inkubator).



Portfolios are a significant part of the conference and will be displayed in designated conference rooms at the hotel.  We are open to a variety of ideas that somehow connect to the conference theme, yet still have their own identity.  In addition to your theme, please include information about the size of the prints, number of artists, the cost for participants, and any other special requirements for displaying the portfolio at the conference.

Duration: 90 minutes (may be repeated for an additional 90 minute session)

You may submit some proposed artists for inclusion, but must also accept a certain number of participants through the application process.  The goal is to increase the opportunity for more people to be part of the portfolios.  If you are selected, a call for participants will go out in with a deadline of late June 2017, and applicants will email you directly.  You will make your final decisions by July 15, 2017.

As an organizer you are responsible for bringing one complete portfolio to the conference, which will be exhibited and then retained for the SGCI archives.  You will coordinate the hanging of the prints at the hotel on the designated day.  You are also responsible for distribution of the remaining prints among your participants, so make sure the cost of participation covers the portfolio cases and any necessary shipping.

Display space is limited. Please include the size dimensions of your print exchange.  Upon acceptance, the committee will communicate the number of participants that can be accepted into the portfolio based on the exhibition space. To ensure a wide variety of work, we ask that artists do not participate in more than one Themed Portfolio.

* One half-waiver will be issued per Themed Portfolio.