About SGC International

Representing artists of original prints, drawings, books, and handmade paper.

SGC International is an educational non-profit organization committed to informing our membership about issues and processes concerning original prints, drawings, book arts, and handmade paper.

Significant dialogue and exchange of technical and critical information occurs each year at our annual conference, which draws participants nationally and internationally. Our awards, publications and exhibitions promote greater understanding, scholarship, and enjoyment of these art forms to the public at large.

Originally formed as Southern Graphics Council, a regional organization for educators of print in the U.S. South, we have grown over the years into the nation’s largest organization of printmakers. We now have representatives internationally, and in 2010 changed our name to SGC International to reflect this broader scope. While the SGC International mission focuses on printmaking, we welcome everyone interested in advancing the dialogue of art, its education, and its processes.

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Assistant Professor – Printmaking

The Art Department at The City College of New York,… Read more »



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